COVID-19 Response

In response to the needs of our members and larger manufacturing community, there are a number of resources listed below that may be helpful for you or your business.

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WOTM Video Cast

WOTM‘s president, Jaclyn Kolodziej and educational chair, Meaghan Ziemba were recently interviewed by Jason Todd from Thinker Ventures to discuss their recent experiences with job loss, how they’re staying positive through their journeys, and some of the things they’re doing to find new opportunities.

Community Resources

Livestream of Local, State, and Federal COVID-19 Relief Information and Q&A on Wednesday, April 1st 9AM.

Thinker Ventures, host of the weekly small business support gathering called 1 Million Cups will livestream Karl Franzen, Director of Community & Economic Development, as he speaks about the efforts of city, state, and local leaders to stabilize the economy in these uncertain times.

Karl will present the specific resources available, eligibility, and the steps that small businesses can take. There will be a brief Q&A available on the livestream as well as additional details about who to contact to obtain additional information. The video will be streamed live on YouTube at 9AM Central on Wednesday morning.

Owners of small businesses in the Rockford area should go to to obtain the link to the YouTube livestream.

Livestream here:

In the News

We were featured in a blog for FB International. Members Joie Vittetow, Jaclyn Kolodziej, and Carrie Zethmayr were interviewed by writer, Tyler Miles to discuss ways in which WOTM provides career pathways and got candid with our experiences as women in industry.

Read the full story here:

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WOTM will continue adapting to meet the needs of our members. We want to hear from you and your company to determine how we can help.
Please contact [email protected] to have a conversation. We would like understand your business needs, promote awareness of your company, and provide educational topics to assist your employees during this time.

What’s Next?

Stay connected and tuned in as we release more video content and share additional resources.

As always, please reach out and share any of the latest and greatest news, trends, and updates happening within your organizations.

Jaclyn Kolodziej


Meaghan Ziemba
Educational Program Committee Chair